Monday, August 17, 2009

Best Prank Calls Ever

You log in to Caller ID Faker. You pick yourself a spoof phone number and you are ready to prank the life out of someone. But how? What are you going to say? Who are you going to prank? Well, this is why we're here for.

Our dedicated master pranksters dived into the underworld of prank and crank calls so you can have some inspiration. Take a look at the following clips. No no, take a listen (!) at the art of pranking presented here and maybe your next prank will get into the book of best prank calls.

Some of the best pranks are made by bored radio D.Js and the next one is just hilarious. These guys called a pizza place in Scotland and made a certain pizza guy quite angry:

Howard Stern, man, he's just funny. This prank is so stupid but we laughed our pants off.

Seth MacFarlane is the mind behind family guy and this is how a well acted phone prank works:

If you ever wondered how prank calls look from the other side - just play the next video. This guy is bombarded with prank calls but heroically keeps his tamper. Should we feel sorry for him. Ye right.

Think you're ready? Just visit http://calleridfaker.com and with some inspiration - you get can the phone pranking business to new heights: