Monday, November 23, 2009

Change Caller ID And Change It Easily!

You ever wish you could change your caller ID to something else? Maybe you want to play a prank on someone and you know they have caller id. Or maybe you want to call a client or a customer and you don't want them to know your real number. In these cases I would suggest that you mask caller ID! When you mask caller id you are changing the caller ID completely. What's nice about this is that you can literally change it to any number you want!

I've also seen other reasons for change caller ID as well such as a way to catch a cheating spouse or to skip out on a phone call you never really wanted to receive in the first place. You know the deal; you give someone your phone number only to realize later on that it was a bad idea. You wish you could take it back, but honestly it's a little too late for that! Well with a service like Caller ID Faker you could end up giving them ANY number you want. You could even dedicate a number to all those people you don't really want to have your number, this way if they call you - you will automatically know it's from someone you didn't want to talk to!

Of course I'm sure you can think of a few other ways to utilize a service like this as well - but that's up to you! The caller id can work through our online service, or it could be even installed on your mobile phone so you could prank on the go!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Do You Run A Business From Your Home? Do You Wish You Could Change Caller ID?

I know that when it comes to my personal home phone number, I use it for everything from signing up to Marketing sites and Lead sites, to calling my customers and clients. However, it also makes me a little nervous to know that all of these people have my phone number that they can pretty much use however they see fit. In usual instances I'll call a client from my home office, never expecting that they would just call me out of the blue again, but they have! It might be on my day off or I just might not want to talk to that person at that specific time.

So what can I do? Just not answer my phone ever again? No! I actually found a really cool service that allows you to change caller ID or "mask caller ID". This is going to allow you to change your number to whatever number you want - this way the user will never know your real number!

This service also allows you to record all incoming and all outgoing calls as well. This is nice for different reasons; first off if someone does call you with an incriminating call - you now have PROOF! And secondly, you won't ever need to write anything down again when it comes to a business call because now you have a full recording!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do You Want To Prank Call Your Friends? Have You Tried To Mask Caller ID?

By masking your caller id you are essentially changing your caller ID. This means that you can either block it completely to say nothing, or you can block it and change it to say anything you want. You could really play this trick on just about anyone you want to prank - and it's really easy to do!

This is real, with Caller ID Faker you can really prank call anyone and act like whomever you want! This seems like it would also be good for businesses that call leads or other people, this way you can actually CALL people without them having your number. This is definitely something I could use for my business because I like to call my leads, but I don't necessarily like them having my number for future use!

Mask Caller Id actually costs a lot less than you would think. How about FREE? Visit Caller ID Faker and get your pranks into the next level.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change Caller ID Quickly And Easily!

There are two ways to change caller ID nowadays. One is simple and cheap, the other is a pain in the butt and from what I hear it's not the least expensive option in the world! Obviously one way you can go about this is to ask your telephone service company to block your number. You have to go through a lot of red tape with something like this though because you have to prove who you are, even answer why you might want something like this.

On the other hand, you could also Caller ID Faker that can change caller ID for you - this is a great way to spoof your identity by being able to take on a different name and number. These guys also offer a voice filter would allow you to change the sound of your voice from female to male! So why use something like this? One reason would be to prank call someone you know. Another reason could be because you simply don't want people you are calling that have caller ID to see who you are, what your number is, etc.

So instead, you use a mask caller ID to either block it completely or change it to another fake name and number! This mask caller ID programs even work so well that they are only allowing law enforcement agents to use it for different ops and cases!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I wanted to check some prices for your Doovdé" Meet the Fonejacker

You know, Good British humor can sometimes make me wet your pants like nothing else. I mean, English folks can be funny as hell. They can be boring as a tea time as well, but when you think of Monty Python or Little Britain… Man...

Well, turns out that the Brits can also make a fine prank call.

Fonejacker is a British TV show that features a series of crank calls. It’s kinda like the Crank Yankers but with a British twist. It’s all done by this one guy called Kayvan Novak and actually won the Best Comedy Show for 2008 in England.

Here's one of the classic Fonejacker pranks, "I wanted to check some prices for your Doovdé"

This one is pretty educational and can teach you a thing or two about scams:

And Ali G style beatboxing

"Providing the service of faster providing..."

The Fonejacker is available on DVD and on YouTube. Caller ID blocking services are available on http://callerIDfaker.com! What's your next prank?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

20th Anniversary of The Jerky Boys. Spin this Tough Guy!

It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty years since The Jerky Boys, the hands-down masters of the crank call, began releasing their brand of telephone mischief on an unsuspecting public. Passed around as bootleg cassette tapes for several years before the release of their first studio album, the Queens-based comedy duo of Johnny Brennan and the man simply known as Kamal took the world by storm that steamy summer with a crude, but ultimately hilarious comedy style that had serious appeal among boys and young men.

Everyone has their “15 minutes of fame” and the late 80’s and early 90’s certainly provided The Jerky Boys with theirs. Their CDs sold millions and a feature length film starring the pair was greenllit. It certainly looked like the sky was the limit for the Boys and their relentless terrorizing of some of New York’s less intelligent working class men and women.

But all good things eventually come to an end. The Jerky Boys Movie opened and closed with little fanfare – and audiences soon tired of two grown men asking complete strangers if they remembered “their shoes and glasses.”

But for those who love a good prank call, those days will always be remembered – and the first album still stands as a comedy classic. Johnny has since tried his hand at several solo ventures, but none have recreated the magic that we all shared two decades ago…JERKY!

If you want to make a prank call without getting caught, visit http://calleridfaker.com today. Caller ID Faker uses the latest technology to help you disguise your phone number, your voice and more!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Prank Calls 101: Having Fun within Limits

The prank phone call is a staple of our youth. Almost everyone of a certain age can remember the first time their parents left them alone in the house with a working telephone and nothing but time to kill. They would pick up the phone, call a friend or acquaintance and proceed to tell them that they had won a million dollars as part of a sweepstakes promotion. Or maybe pretend to be a school official, and convince a friend that school was to be canceled tomorrow because of a snow day.

But now we’ve grown up and left behind many childish things. But there’s still room in our lives for a little harmless prank call fun.

Here are a few tips to enjoy some classic prank call fun without any dangerous or hurtful repercussions.

  • Don’t be threatening. It is OK to have a little fun with a crank call. But acting in a threatening or violent manner is NEVER acceptable. You can emotionally damage the individual on the other end, and potentially find yourself in trouble with the law. Be funny, but be respectful.
  • Don’t call late at night. Waking someone up in the middle of the night in order to execute a prank call is just cruel. Keep your prank calls limited to daylight or early evening hours
  • Don’t prank call someone at work. For reasons that should be obvious, never prank call someone while they are on the job. It can cost them their job if their employer frowns upon such behavior.
CallerID Faker uses the latest technology to help you disguise your phone number, your voice and more! If you want to make a prank call without getting caught, visit http://calleridfaker.com today.