Monday, August 24, 2009

Prank Calls 101

Prank calls are more fun than ever. With today's technology, you can choose any spoof phone number you want as your fake caller ID. From here on, the sky is the limit.

Last week we've posted some of the best prank calls in the history of prank calls. This week, we thought it would be educational to post new ways to prank the innocent, by using a phone and some imagination.

Celebrity pranks is the next thing in the prank business. No. You don't have to be a celebrity. You just need a sound recorder, common sense and predicting the answers of the person you prank. Sounds complicated? Take a look (watch out for explicit language...)

Here is Jack Black calling a restaurant ordering six piece nuggets:

This is a youtube hit and it's called Elmo calling the pharmacy:

And this also works great, thanks to the visual...

But watch out, here's a prank call gone HORRIBLY wrong!!!

Sooo... you better think about your pranks. Master them. Be ready for anything. And most importantly, use Caller ID Faker and record the conversation so you can have a million clicks on youtube.