Thursday, September 3, 2009

Halloween Prank Calls. Do you got what it takes?

Pranks are fun all year long but there are two times a year that just can not go by without a good prank. One of them is April Fools. The other is Halloween and it’s just around the corner.

Your house got egged? Your tree toilet papered? No worries. The tradition of Halloween pranking goes back a long time and Halloween roots started with Great Britain’s Celts. They used to burn people. We’ll settle for prank calls.

Indeed, Halloween prank calls are classy. You don’t need to get dirty, no pumpkins are involved and it can be scary as hell. You can call your friend from a fake phone number and change your voice into a woman’s. Tell him that your ghost hunts her since you mysteriously died this morning and nobody knows about it. (With Caller ID Faker you can change caller ID and your voice with a click of a button.)

You can also look up Miss Myers in the phone book, and tell her the horrible things that her son did to your girlfriend. You can also call poor Mrs. Krueger, Freddy’s mom:

Even Sarah Palin was pranked on Halloween by a Canadian comedian who claimed to be Nicholas Sarkozy, the French President – so you can imagine that the sky is the limit here.

If you need any ideas or help on your Halloween prank calls, visit us at http://calleridfaker.com/ and start practicing already!