Friday, September 25, 2009

Masters of Prank Calls: Crank Yankers

Crank Yankers is every prankster’s dream. Yankerville is a place where all the innocent customer service people are so darned nice and they are all accommodating for your SICK pleasure!

Crank Yankers was introduced to the American people in 2002 on Comedy Central. The master minds behind the series? Late night’s Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Adam Carolla. What was it all about? Puppets making prank calls. Why was if so funny? Well, because prank calls are always funny and also because the pranksters were mostly celebrity guests.

Here's Dane Cook, having some troubles with his dog:

Sarah Silverman was on the show, Patton Oswalt, SNL's Fred Armisen but the real star was Jimmy Kimmel's legendary Special Ed, a mentally challenged boy that mostly said “YAAAAAY!!!”

Here's another unforgettable prank. It's dirty and it's funny!

And because we really love you guys, here's a full episode of Crank Yankers. Get a pen, a paper and write down ideas!

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