Friday, October 2, 2009

The True Story behind the Tube Bar Prank Calls

Being a professional prankster takes a lot of work. Some people will spend a lifetime, trying to master this art. People like the Bum Bar Bastards, known for their exquisite work with the Tube Bar prank calls.

The BBB are Jim Davidson and John Elmo, a couple of guys that since the 70’s tare calling the same rotten Tube Bar in Jersey, harassing Louis “Red” Deutsch, asking to call for Joe, “Al Killeu” or Joe Mama or Hugh Jass, Ben Dover and even Moe Lester…

Red would call out the names, some say he was unaware, some say he played along. Anyway, he did it with great charm, shouting at the prankster with profanity and obscene sexual references involving the caller’s mother and a certain “yellow rat bastard.” Here’s a sample, but watch out! It includes Red’s explicit language:

Elmo and Davidson, the two BBBs recorded every call and the tapes became an underground sensation. The tapes are known as the Tube Bar Tapes or the Red Taps and later on were the inspiration for The Simpson’s bartender - Moe Szyslak. If you’re looking for inspiration, the Bastards released the recordings on various CDs and MP3 that are available on their official website and on iTunes.

When you are ready to call the Tube Bar, just log on to Caller ID Faker, put in your number, your fake number and the number you'd wish to prank and hit the button! By the way, is Al Kaseltzer there?