Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I wanted to check some prices for your Doovdé" Meet the Fonejacker

You know, Good British humor can sometimes make me wet your pants like nothing else. I mean, English folks can be funny as hell. They can be boring as a tea time as well, but when you think of Monty Python or Little Britain… Man...

Well, turns out that the Brits can also make a fine prank call.

Fonejacker is a British TV show that features a series of crank calls. It’s kinda like the Crank Yankers but with a British twist. It’s all done by this one guy called Kayvan Novak and actually won the Best Comedy Show for 2008 in England.

Here's one of the classic Fonejacker pranks, "I wanted to check some prices for your Doovdé"

This one is pretty educational and can teach you a thing or two about scams:

And Ali G style beatboxing

"Providing the service of faster providing..."

The Fonejacker is available on DVD and on YouTube. Caller ID blocking services are available on http://callerIDfaker.com! What's your next prank?