Monday, November 16, 2009

Do You Run A Business From Your Home? Do You Wish You Could Change Caller ID?

I know that when it comes to my personal home phone number, I use it for everything from signing up to Marketing sites and Lead sites, to calling my customers and clients. However, it also makes me a little nervous to know that all of these people have my phone number that they can pretty much use however they see fit. In usual instances I'll call a client from my home office, never expecting that they would just call me out of the blue again, but they have! It might be on my day off or I just might not want to talk to that person at that specific time.

So what can I do? Just not answer my phone ever again? No! I actually found a really cool service that allows you to change caller ID or "mask caller ID". This is going to allow you to change your number to whatever number you want - this way the user will never know your real number!

This service also allows you to record all incoming and all outgoing calls as well. This is nice for different reasons; first off if someone does call you with an incriminating call - you now have PROOF! And secondly, you won't ever need to write anything down again when it comes to a business call because now you have a full recording!