Monday, November 9, 2009

Do You Want To Prank Call Your Friends? Have You Tried To Mask Caller ID?

By masking your caller id you are essentially changing your caller ID. This means that you can either block it completely to say nothing, or you can block it and change it to say anything you want. You could really play this trick on just about anyone you want to prank - and it's really easy to do!

This is real, with Caller ID Faker you can really prank call anyone and act like whomever you want! This seems like it would also be good for businesses that call leads or other people, this way you can actually CALL people without them having your number. This is definitely something I could use for my business because I like to call my leads, but I don't necessarily like them having my number for future use!

Mask Caller Id actually costs a lot less than you would think. How about FREE? Visit Caller ID Faker and get your pranks into the next level.