Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change Caller ID Quickly And Easily!

There are two ways to change caller ID nowadays. One is simple and cheap, the other is a pain in the butt and from what I hear it's not the least expensive option in the world! Obviously one way you can go about this is to ask your telephone service company to block your number. You have to go through a lot of red tape with something like this though because you have to prove who you are, even answer why you might want something like this.

On the other hand, you could also Caller ID Faker that can change caller ID for you - this is a great way to spoof your identity by being able to take on a different name and number. These guys also offer a voice filter would allow you to change the sound of your voice from female to male! So why use something like this? One reason would be to prank call someone you know. Another reason could be because you simply don't want people you are calling that have caller ID to see who you are, what your number is, etc.

So instead, you use a mask caller ID to either block it completely or change it to another fake name and number! This mask caller ID programs even work so well that they are only allowing law enforcement agents to use it for different ops and cases!